New Orleans Medical Complex, Inc.
134 LaSalle St.
New Orleans, LA 70112


The Commission established New Orleans Regional Medical Complex as the governing entity of the Louisiana Biomedical Research and Development Park. Tangential History that may be related to this non-profit: A physical governing body was created in 1978 with the creation of the New Orleans Regional Medical Center (NORMC), which had among its board members the Medical Center of Louisiana (formerly Charity Hospital), the Louisiana State University Medical Center, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Tulane University School of Medicine and University Hospital, the VA Medical Center, and the Downtown Development District. NORMC eventually evolved into the creation of the Louisiana Biomedical Research and Development.


Could this have been the Board of Administrators of the Charity Hospital of La. at NO? See Charter Committee of the City of NO, 1951. 02/02/1996 Ref No.: 34517690 NAME CHANGE 01/20/1993 Ref No.: 34425979 AMENDMENT 09/23/1992 Ref No.: 3441631


No appointed board members.
Board Members


Financial Details (2010):
Revenues (CAFR): $588,974
Expenditures (CAFR): $573,403
Net Assets (CAFR): $943,545
Total Assets (CAFR): $11,680,083
Cash: $50,461
Property (CAFR): $11,611,222
Source of Revenue: Not known.
Designated Spending: Not known.

Further financial information may be obtained by searching the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's website.